Our core team of professionals brings well over a half-century of experience with established personal relationships at all levels of California state government. Osborn Strategies will work side-by-side with your team to leverage that experience and those relationships to grow your business. This means assisting you with:

Business Value Assessment / Market Research

For decades, we have worked with public sector entities providing sales advisory services around assessments and market research for specific technology products and services. Market research is typically performed as a short-term engagement including analysis of key technology initiatives at a statewide level, competitive analysis, review of agency technology spending and budget cycles, and market positioning through various public sector contracting vehicles.

Business Development

Operate as an extension of your business development team. Identify and qualify future opportunities and provide intelligence including the history of the opportunity, scope of the opportunity, timelines, evaluators and decision makers, decision-maker backgrounds, potential competitors and contract value. California public policy often times drives opportunity for vendors, our job will be to understand these policies and ensure that the agencies understand how you can assist them in achieving their respective goals. Osborn Strategies will continually monitor Agency policy proposals, plans, and legislation to identify potential opportunities.

Opportunity Positioning & Pursuit

Continue to develop and maintain the strong and consistent relationships with key players that all winning pursuits require. Our background puts Osborn Strategies in a position to know their respective needs and where and how your offerings can contribute to the success of their initiative. Osborn Strategies will utilize our professional and personal networks to better position you with C level management and decision makers. This will uniquely position you to better understand the desired program, budget, and policy objectives of each opportunity. And perhaps most importantly, put you into a position to communicate how you can help the agencies achieve their key objectives.

Strategy Development

Very simply, our goal is to develop sales strategies that result in winning business. For each opportunity Osborn Strategies will assist in developing a customized, results-oriented action plan specifically tailored to ensure that your company fully understands the client’s goals and objectives. This understanding serves as the foundation platform for building a bid response that speaks directly to how you will help the agency meet these objectives – differentiating your bid response from the competition

Strategic Networking

Effective networking is a lot more than simply meeting once a month. It’s the ability to connect you and your team with the people that matter to exchange information and common goals. Osborn Strategies will be able to make those connections, attend events with you, host special events and continually facilitate networking opportunities.

Teaming Assistance

As you know, all successful proposals emphasize company strengths and compensate for weaknesses with strong partners. In California this is a delicate area as each agency has their own set of favorite vendors and biases. A favored vendor at one agency may very well be in the “penalty box” at the agency down the street. Knowing who these favorites are and perhaps more importantly, knowing which companies have a questionable track record – is critical in building a strong team and winning the business.

Proposal Preparation

Winning public sector business requires a proposal that is comprehensive, strategic and ultimately, 100% responsive to the requirements. Osborn Strategies experience reviewing and evaluating bid responses as former State employees allow a unique perspective on what strategies work and which do not. Osborn Strategies can assist you with editing, reviewing, and refining your proposals to successfully convey your approach, scope, and value and why you firmly believe you are the best company for the job.

Agency Presentations

Orals are key, perhaps the key, to winning business. That face-to-face time with the customer more often than not either wins the business or loses the business. Osborn Strategies understands that a successful oral presentation must highlight your company’s proposal differentiators, demonstrate your technical competence and most importantly introduce the opportunity evaluators to your proposed management team and key employees. Helping your team to understand that not only what they say, but how they say it, is critical and is a primary component of the value that Osborn Strategies can bring to your company.

Negotiations Strategy

Osborn Strategies has years of experience negotiating contracts of all sizes and shapes. We understand that whether you are preparing your best and final offer or already are at the negotiations table, there will be specific terms and conditions that will have to be discussed and concessions to be made. We have the background to understand why the agencies argue some points and let others fly. We can help you understand the different positions and assist with building material arguments that will improve your negotiating position.

Contract Delivery Support

You’ve won the deal, now what? Vendors often face entrenched interests both internal and external to the agency, both of which seek to undermine the objectives of the contract and pounce on indiscretions, lapses or missteps. Our experience and understanding of agency land mines and trouble spots will provide early warnings on issues that may arise and assist in preparing response strategies in dealing with those issues.

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